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Conditions Treated

Create a Healthier You, Naturally.

Conditions Treated

Preventative Medicine

You don’t have to wait for pain or discomfort!  We suggest utilizing Acupuncture as a healthy habit to maintain and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing!

Conditions and Specializations

Pain  /  Cancer Support  /  Stress  /  Insomnia  /  Headaches  /  Fibromyalgia  /  Fatigue  /  Women’s Health

THEPointTreatmentcancer - Copy
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can optimize your body’s functionality to maximize the healing...
Our practice can help alleviate pain and create a healthier management option.
You do not have to be sick to benefit from acupuncture! Wellness is the art of keeping the body...
Diffuse anxiety and stress within the body through acupuncture, a practice has been around for...
Acupuncture and acupressure have a long tradition of treating insomnia successfully, particularly in...
THEPointTreatmentfibromyalgia - Copy
Acupuncture appears to modestly reduce many types of chronic pain, so it's not surprising that many...
THEPointTreatmentfatigue - Copy
One benefit of acupuncture for fatigue is that strengthening the immune system revitalizes the body,...
THEPointTreatmentheadaches - Copy
Acupuncture is used to effectively treat primary headaches, namely tension and migraine, which are...
Often referred to as the “acupuncture face-lift”, cosmetic acupuncture is an anti-aging...

The Point Acupuncture Clinic Vero Beach. Acupuncture in Vero Beach, Florida. The point of needles and acupuncture. Point. The Point Vero Beach. Point of Vero. Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. Integrative Point Vero Beach. Downtown Vero Beach. Come visit the Point Vero Beach –  all conditions treated at the Point Acupuncture Clinic in vero Beach pain, cancer support, fibromyalgia, women’s health, insomnia, and more. The Point Acupuncture Clinic Vero Beach is a walk in clinic and requires no appointment. Group and private sessions at the Point Vero Beach. The Point Acupuncture Clinic in downtown Vero Beach is created by Angela King, AP, DOM of Indian River Acupuncture. Visit www.thepointvero.com or www.indianriveracupuncture.com or www.indianriveracu.com

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